Friday, July 3, 2015

Dining Room Wallpaper

Remember the wallpaper that I talked about? It's installed! And it looks AMAZING!

Now what to do with the other side of the long, narrow dining room?

 Look how perfectly it matches Dave's Grandma Lucille's chair and bar.
 The wallpaper is from York Wallcoverings and is the Lotus paper. It is so gorgeous and bold. I love it!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

planting climbers

This year I am forgetting about trying to grow vegetables and sticking to easy plants. We never get enough sun for vegetable plants and I am terrible at the upkeep. I picked up some climbers so I am envisioning this being an amazing paradise this summer. It already sort of is.

Lots and lots of coleus. It is my favorite plant.

I started some moonflower and morning glory from seed and am hoping that they last and thrive. We shall see.


 The plant to the right is a very cool looking climber called Cardinal Climber. I first saw this last summer in my neighbor hood. A house had this planted along with Hyacinth Bean and it looked stunning. I picked up some of that too.

 I love this planter. I picked it up at a craft show in NYC last year (Renegade perhaps?), but can't remember the seller. Anyone know?
What did you plant this spring?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

the best thing ever

So Dave and I decided to start fostering dogs and it is the best thing ever! We are starting out as temporary fosters for the "real" fosters, but we found a family for this first guy already. I guess that makes us real fosters.

Look how cute he is!

His name is (was) Josh and now is Tucker. He was a real cutie and sweetheart.

He also was a great alarm clock and cuddle buddy. He is going to make his new family very happy.

 We get to watch THREE boxer mix puppies on Saturday for 3 hours. That is going to be amazing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

beach quilt

I just finished a quilt as a wedding gift for my friends. It was actually many months after their wedding, but who's counting.
I went with a super simple design and used mostly linen.

I found this fabric for binding at a shop in Mt. Airy, Handcraft Workshop. It's a great shop and I didn't even realize it was there until I just so happened to find it on yelp.

 Linen is a real bitch to work with, but it looks so great once it's quilted. It has the best texture.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Spring decided to finally show up a few weeks ago. Every year just when you think you can't handle one more cold day, spring arrives and makes everything better.

Some plants that were planted last year are returning. I say some, because several of them didn't make it. But these certainly did. They are lungwort and have the prettiest flowers in the spring. I had no idea that they would look this amazing when they bloomed. They just look like spotted leaves most of the year.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

wallpaper love

The other night I decided that I would finally decorate our dining room for real. We have been wanting to do this room for years and still haven't decided on a flooring, but I am going to get going on the rest of the room. First up, wallpaper.

I bought a bunch of samples from York Wallcoverings. This place has a huge selection of wallpaper and some really cool patterns. And they are located very close to where I grew up, so that is a plus.

They give you really large pieces for a small fee, which was great. If you are thinking about hanging wallpaper in your house remember to test wallpaper samples in the room you will be using them. I ordered 6, but 2 didn't work.

These two are flocked (fuzzy) and they are rad. They were Dave's favorite. The tan one was my second favorite.

 But I am in charge of decorating this room, so this is the winner.


And it just so happens to match these chairs perfectly. The chairs are from Dave's grandma and we love them. Part of this dining room re-do was going to include re-upholstering the chairs, but since this wallpaper has the same colors they are staying as-is.

That saved a lot of $$! And just look at this wallpaper.
It is gold and it shimmers and I love it!

This rubber plant was trash picked shortly after we moved in (almost 3 years ago). I saw it in the neighborhood while walking moz and it is so cool. I love it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


We were lucky to have almost 12 years with the best dog you could imagine. Moz died sunday night, March 8 and we have been missing him every day since.

Moz on a camping trip. He loved being in the water.

Here he is with Dave in 2008 when we went to Canada. Dave was trying to kayak on the lake, but Moz kept swimming after him and following him.

Here they are hiking in the Berkshires.

And this was on a walk through Farimont Park. He was in that water seconds later.

It's certainly not the same without him following us around everywhere we go. But he had a great life and we were lucky to have him as our friend. XO

Thursday, March 5, 2015

snow day

We finally got a nice, big snow storm today. I was hoping that we would get at least one this year, and we did-- in March. But I'll take it. Although tomorrow I will be back to wanting Spring to arrive at any moment.

Here are some photos from around the house.