Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bring Your Garden Indoors

Fall is slowly turning into Winter this month and now is the time to snip off the last of your outside garden plants to enjoy indoors as long as possible. A couple of weekends ago I did a little fall pruning. Some of these cuttings will only last about a week, but others, such as the coleus can last all year until you re-plant it in the spring.


Start with a base of the larger pieces. Then fill in with the smaller items. I wanted to use this small galvanized container, but it was not water tight, so I filled it with a glass cup. 
This arrangement was made in a vintage turquoise vase that I picked up a few weeks ago at a PHS / flea market event at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This is my new favorite vase, it is the best color!

This arrangement has been in our bedroom and makes me smile every morning.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Valley Forge National Park

Last weekend we went to the Valley Forge National Park, which I have never been to before. What an incredible place! It is in King of Prussia, so the next time you want to go to that way-too-gigantic mall, skip it and go here instead. 

According to their websiteValley Forge was the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army. The park commemorates the sacrifices and perseverance of the Revolutionary War generation and honors the ability of citizens to pull together and overcome adversity during extraordinary times.

I wish we would have toured it with someone who knew the history of the area, but I just did a little internet research and found out some interesting facts. 

 There were 2,000 of these houses built by the army. 

This monument was stunning. I noticed that a lot of families and photographers were taking photos around the park. 
It was built in 1910 and it is modeled after the Arch of Titus in Rome. 
Click for more photos. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


I don't know about you, but I love fall. The chill is in the air and it smells amazing. Here are some pictures from around the house

We have had this wrought iron set since we bought our first house, about 11 years ago. If you're buying outdoor furniture, you can't go wrong with wrought iron. This is one thing that is worth the extra money. And you can get steals on it with craigslist; more on that later.

 The fireplace above was on my wish list for years. And my Dad just so happened to barter one of his customers for it and then gave it to us. What a great Dad :-)
 We got some landscaping done over the summer. The hardscaping that they did was amazing. We love it.
 I'm not sure if I showed you before, but this was a crazy shed. It was very large, but didn't hold much due to the design. Plus it was falling apart, so we (aka Dave and some very nice friends) tore it down and had a new shed built. Our landscaper suggested the best location for it and it is a perfect spot. It's tucked away behind those trees.
 This is a little pathway we DIY'ed. We had some slate pieces laying around and dave placed them in the ground. Once the moss (hopefully) takes over it'll look much better.
 This back patio is a great addition, and overlooks the creek "valley."
This patio set was scored on craigslist for $100! It was a steal and exactly what I was looking for. If you get it with this type of base you don't have to have cushions. And if you live here it's a good thing, because the squirrels will tear apart your cushions, take out the stuffing and use it to build nests.

They did an amazing job laying this stone. It was not an easy thing to haul thousands and thousands of pounds of stones to the back of our yard.
 The new shed.

 Moz likes it.

 The coleus are still alive. Although time is running out, so I better propagate some.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

coleus propagation

i don't know about you, but i am a huge fan of coleus. they are excellent for shade, which is something that can be hard to find. and more importantly, they are hardy! they will tell you that they need water by drooping, and even if you ignore it for a couple of days, once you do water them, they will perk right up. even better is that they are easy to keep from year to year. these pictures are from last fall, and to be honest, not all of them made it. but if you have even the faintest shade of a green thumb, at least half of them will make it. i'll take it. 

this is what you do:

  • cut off some nice stems from your existing coleus
  • place them in water (cut off some of the smaller stems at the bottom of each piece, if needed)
  • add water as needed
  • after you see a pretty good amount of roots form, place them in a planter with potting soil
  • water as needed
  • in the spring, replant to outside pots and enjoy all spring, summer and fall

 this is what you can enjoy in your home during the fall and winter months.
and this is a picture from a couple of months later, still going strong. just be sure to add additional water when needed. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

chair problem

chairs. i'm not sure how i developed a love of chairs, but i have it. i think i may have filled up almost all of the possible places in our house for chairs, but there has got to be room for more. here are a few of my favorites.

the hanging chair was one of those things that you know you need, and that someday you will find it. and find it i did; last winter at artefact, up in bucks county pa. artefact has a great selection of amazing antiques. they had a great set of 2 mid century cane back chairs one time and we didn't buy them, and i still kick myself for not. they also this one huge amazing wooden art piece that would knock your socks off. i think it is a war scene with george washington or some other war hero. i know that sounds weird, but believe me, if i had a wall that was huge enough for i would have asked for lay-a-way. as a side note, there is a great farm to buy local beef not far away, none such farm.
i picked up these two at homegoods. i wanted the acupulco chairs, but they are out of budget so i settled on these. as another side note, they are not comfortable but who cares, they look cool.
 this was one of the first purchases when we moved into the new house. it's the crate and barrel cavett chair, which was definitely a splurge.
 this bench i've told you about before, but the light is relatively new. it's from jinxed in philly, which is the shit. you should follow them on instagram, but if you want something be quick about it or it'll be gone.
 and this chair i have had for a few years. i had to buy it because it reminded me of a chair my grandpa had. he would sit in it every day and read the newspaper and watch tv. it's the grandpa chair.

and this chair is another chair that i had dreamed of owning one day. i am pretty sure it's not an original saarinen tulip chair, but who the hell cares. it was $100 instead of $1000. the owners we bought our house from had this same chair in this exact spot (although most likely an original and without the arms). i looked for a reasonably priced one for over a year until i found it, at the fantastic clover market of course. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


we had the privilege to see fallingwater in person a couple months ago. it totally blew me away. i had this idea of how amazing it would be in person and it exceeded my expectations, which doesn't usually happen. frank lloyd wright was a genius.

the pathway that was built through the forest to get there was even cool.
i love how this picture that i took of my parents turned out. the outcroppings of rocks on the property were a real inspiration for the house.
they didn't allow photographs to be taken in the house, so i unfortunately only have pictures of the outside. here is the carport, above it was the servants quarters, which was not part of the tour. i really wonder what they looked like! 
 here you can see how the house was literally built on the rocks. this huge boulder shows up inside the house in the living room and kitchen and it is unbelievable.

 here is a peak from the driveway into the entrance. the pictures above are the rock on the other side of the driveway.

 and the iconic view.
 thanks for taking us mom and dad! i am SO glad i finally got to see this gem in person.